You are at Watch : Bollywood Star Singer Begs In Streets

Watch : Bollywood Star Singer Begs In Streets

Watch This Video :-

Artists adopt innovative or interesting ways to promote their films or music album or their other invention. Bollywood star singer Sonu Nigam turned an old beggar and performed on busy Mumbai streets.

This entire episode has been shot with secret cameras and the video titled 'The Roadside Ustaad' is going viral on net. Apparently, those who haven't recognized Sonu, while passing through the way would get shocked seeing this video.

While few have recorded Sonu's singing on their phones, one young guy asked him whether he had eaten anything. Later, the young guy gave Rs 12 to the star singer. Actually, this social experiment conducted by a popular Youtube channel 'Being Indian' was to find out 'how Indians react to beauty when it is just around the corner.'

Later after removing the makeup, Sonu Nigam said that, it was a humbling experience for him. The singer who framed Rs 12 given by a young guy affirmed to meet him again and give back something.

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