You are at Watch: Mahatma Gandhi's First TV Interview!

Watch: Mahatma Gandhi's First TV Interview!

Mahatma Gandhi has given his first Television interview on April 30th, 1931 for Fox Movietone News. The questions include 'What course of action follow If England doesn't agree to his demands?', 'Do you intend to have complete prohibition if England agrees to your demands?', 'Will you abolish Child Marriages if India wins independence?', 'Do you expect England to give full self government to India?', 'What would be your dress code for 2nd Round Table Conference & Buckingham Palace?', 'Are you prepared to return to jail again if England doesn't agree to your demands?' and 'Are you prepares to die in the cause of achieving independence to India?. Watch the video to know the answer of Father of the Nation!

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