You are at Watch : Tiger Escapes Down In Qatar Motor Way

Watch : Tiger Escapes Down In Qatar Motor Way

In a shocking development a tiger was seen Tuesday in Doha roaming between cars in a traffic jam on one of the express lanes of the capital of Qatar. The shocking footage shows the tiger weaving in and out of traffic before being dragged from underneath a car.

Pictures and video shows the tiger roaming in the highway and the big cat was running through lanes of heavy traffic, apparently trying to find a way off the congested road. It is unclear how the tiger escaped and where he came from, but the Interior Ministry announced that they will launch strict investigation.

"We assure all that the concerned authorities [are] following up with what has been trending over spotting a tiger in some areas of the country," it wrote. It was not clear who owned the tiger, but keeping wild animals, including tigers, as pets is not uncommon in Qatar.

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