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Why Is Ali's Hand Plastered?!!

From last couple of days senior comedian Ali is sporting a wrist bandaid that is adhered during a big fracture. As he flaunted it, rumours started flowing that his wife has broken his hand, some mahila sangams attacked him at the shoot due to his sexist remarks and all. What's the truth?

"I'm not in a position to get beaten by somebody or to beat someone", says Ali, explaining what has happened. "During Loafer shooting, I've to break a pot. I've broken an empty pot easily for first time, but when I'm doing it second time, by hand got injured due to a hairline fracture" he adds.

Talking further, Ali stated that he's continuing all the shootings with his fractured hand itself and even in 'Sardaar' he will appear with that fracture alongside Pawan Kalyan.

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