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Actress Roja Satire on Hero Balakrishna

Imitating actor-politician Nandamuri Balakrishna, YSR Congress MLA and former heroine Roja irked Nandamuri fans today. Commenting about Balayya while spending a fun time with friends in Andhra Pradesh assembly lobby, Roja has forgotten that Balayya is a honorable MLA and mimicked him like a Jabardasth comedian.

During many of his speeches, incumbent Hindupur MLA Balayya has this unique habit of drawing reference to his father legendary NTR’s times, and starts his lines saying ‘Aah Rojullo.. Nannagaru. Today, Roja used the same line to imitate Balayya, while trying to explain how Balayya’s maiden speech in assembly would be. ‘Aah Rojullo.. Nannagaru.. Bhairadweepam direct chestey.. meeru nenu kalisi act chesam roja gaaru’, said Roja, adding that Balayya will utter similar lines with her in assembly.

Being colleagues for a long time, Roja might be having proximity with Balayya to throw satires on him. But being both MLAs and respected politicians, she should maintain some decency before making fun of a happening star-hero and heir of legendary NTR for a TV channel, says Nandamuri fans.

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