You are at Puri Jagannath Open offer to Bhadram !!

Puri Jagannath Open offer to Bhadram !!

Puri Jagganath who is known to encourage the talent has now again proved hi snature.He gave an open offer to a short film actor by sharing the short film "Pelli Tho Jara Bhadram" on his Facebook page
Puri  surprised acting enthusiast Bhadram by offering a chance to him. Recently Bhadram posted his short eight-minute video "Pelli Tho Jara Bhadram" on the Youtube.
The video shows that the protagonist asks his friend not to marry and tells him why he asking to do so.Puri was impressed by this video.
He posted a message along with the video link on his Facebook account. Puri  said “Bhadram I need Actors Like you. Please come and meet or Inbox me your Details”. 
Puri’s gesture was impressed by many and upcoming director Srinivas Avasarala posted, "Congratulations Bhadram! Purpose served."
Kudos to Puri and congrats to Badram.

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