You are at Shocking Video: Bermuda Cricket Fight !!

Shocking Video: Bermuda Cricket Fight !!

A very ugly incident took place during a domestic match in Bermuda last week, when two cricketers got into a fight and bats were aimed at heads. Such was the ugliness of the incident that police vans had to come into the stadium and one Bermuda player was banned for life.

This ugly incident happened during final match of the 'Champion of Champions' tournament in Bermuda, which was played between Cleveland County Cricket Club and Willow Cuts Cricket Club.

Cleveland wicketkeeper Jason Anderson went up tp Willow Cuts batsman George O' Brien and punched him. George reacted to this by aiming his bat at Anderson's head. Al the teammates present on the ground tried to stop the fight but unfortunately Cleveland's Aaron Adams, who had run in to separate the pair, copped the bat's blow to the head.

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