You are at Baha Kilikki - Tribute to Team Baahubali by Smita

Baha Kilikki - Tribute to Team Baahubali by Smita

To earn an over night craze, and quick attention of the public, there was a tradition of involving the big star heroes. But the formula was redefined, after Rajamouli announced the Baahubali project.

Right from the chicken seller, none exempted Baahubali, from cashing its craze. Not dropping the expectations of the millions, Baahubali was registered as the huge blockbuster, minting hundreds of crores. Before the start of the second part, Singer Noel has dedicated a special tribute song to Baahubali team. The song lyrics involved the various characters and their characterizations of Baahubali and the wave it created in the country.

The song was immensely appreciated by Rajamouli and Baahubali makers and thanked Noel. Now, on the similar lines of Noel, even pop singer Smitha, has made a tribute song to Baahubali. While Noel concentrated on many Baahubali characters, Smitha made a special concentration on Kaalakeya character.

To enhance the influence, even the original Kaalakeya Prabhakar has landed in the song and the lyrics are completely in Kili Kili language itself. Even Smitha was spotted in a never seen hot avatar in the song. Smitha is identified as the first pop singer in Telugu and even has few successes in the career beginning. But as the days passed, she could not make a proper influence with the songs. So, hope at least through the Baahubali tribute song, she would start the second innings grandly.

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