You are at Hitler CM Words: Arnab Goswami VS Hitler KCR !

Hitler CM Words: Arnab Goswami VS Hitler KCR !

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has sparked a controversy by issuing a stern warning to the media. He threatened to 'bury the media 10 feet under the earth if it insults Telangana'.

The problem started when two TV channels allegedly portrayed the members of the Assembly in a bad light. Transmission of the two channels was blocked subsequently and they have been protesting against it.

"We'll break the necks and throw them out. Is this a channel for us? We'll bury whoever insults the Telangana Assembly. We won't allow idiotic games. I'm saying this as the Chief Minister of the state," KCR said.

"I salute multiple system operators who stopped transmission of the two television channels. If they (TV channels) do not mend their attitude, I will teach them a lesson," the Chief Minister said.

The Opposition has condemned the CM's dictatorial comments. KCR had earlier declared that he will be like Hitler if need be. 

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