You are at AP Speaker Grandson kidnapped

AP Speaker Grandson kidnapped

Andhra Pradesh Speaker Kodela rocked in media with his grandson kidnap news. According to information Kodela daughter-in-law rushed to police station and filled a case against Kodela son Shivarama krishna for kidnapping her son.

Speaking to media Padma Priya says “I married to Shivarama Krishna in 2009, there after some conflicts between us. Shivarama Krishna, his mother and daughter used to harass me. Considering this I am living separately with my parents. Last night Shivarama Krishna attacked on my home along with Four members and broken the door and he took away my son Gautham ” . She also alleged that the harassment is more after Kodela became speaker in the recent times.

Padma Priya urged police department to take strict action against Kodela family and pleaded them to get back her son. She had filed a case against Kodela family in Vizag three town police station.

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