You are at Power Star Fans Tribute

Power Star Fans Tribute

Pawan Kalyan mania has no boundaries!! With a blockbuster hit of ‘Gabbar Singh’ Pawanism became very popular and his fans begun marketing it big time.

Pawanism means living a conscientious life and setting an example to the society. Recently his fans decided to allot a day for Pawan Kalyan in the calendar and they decided October 11th as World’s Pawanism Day.

Recently a video showed the concept of Pawanism released online and it is attracting all the Pawan fans and the common audience as well. This is a video made by Pawan fans from Los Angeles to show their love and respect towards Power star. They paid tribute to their beloved idol by releasing this edited video.

The video is going viral on web and one who watched the video can resist themselves from watching it another time. Surprisingly some Americans also took part in this video. The dance moments of Pawan fans were simply awesome and everyone should appreciate them for their efforts.

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