You are at Trailer : James Bond 'Spectre' !!

Trailer : James Bond 'Spectre' !!

Trailer of most-awaited James Bond flick 'Spectre' which has been released Today is so cool. In the 24th film of Bond Series, Daniel Craig will be seen chasing the mystery man who is in-charge of the Spectre organization. Monica Bellucci is as seductive as ever. While Ben Whishaw appears as Q, Naomie Harris does get into the shoes of Moneypenny.

'Spectre' is no different from other Bond films. It has got a super-hot secret agent, two beauties and a dreadful villain. Who wouldn't wish to watch a gripping action flick? James Bond is back to rule the Box Office.The World premiere of 'Spectre' will be London on October 26th. US release is slated for November 6th. The film is likely to hit the screens in India on the same date.

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