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Watch The Video: Alia Bhatt

Watch The Video: Alia Bhatt - From a dumb belle to an invincible genius

Probably while heading for ace cinemartician KJo's popular talk-show "Koffee With Karan", Alia would n't have realized that it is going to turn into a nightmare of a sort for her. That's because of the GK ignorance she exhibited on the show and confused Chief Minister of Maharashtra with the President of India. And what followed next was trending of Alia on various social networking platforms with hash tag #YoAliaSoDumb where her IQ and oblivion about some very elementary facts literally turned into a huge butt of jokes.

But now we guess hard days are gone for Alia as Youtube channel and humor channel AIB (All India Bakchod) have turned the actress into A "Genius of The Year". And the best part about this video is that sporty Alia herself features in it.

This almost 10 minute long video called Genius of The Year" shows Alia reacting and sharing how she felt about the 'aftermath' of her 'Koffee With Karan' debacle and eventually joins 'Dumb Belle Mental Gym' in order to get rid of the trauma which she suffered post that "KWK" disaster and ends up emerging as an invincible genius, after undergoing the training at mental gym.

Well hats off to your valor babe because it's always better late than never and what you have done in this small documentary literally proves that you have the courage to take things on face and that too without getting hurt. Kudos!

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