You are at Hero Raja Controversial Comments on Pawan kalyan

Hero Raja Controversial Comments on Pawan kalyan

Pawan kalyan and Hero Raja controversy is going more personal than political, Hero Raja who is not happy with Pawan kalyan comments on his favorite political party YSRCP and Jagan fired on him in his recent press meet. Raja took it too serious in press meet while commenting on Pawan and said few irritating comments on Pawan.Pawan kalyan fans killed Hero Raja

In Raja words ” Mr.Pawan kalyan do you think you are a God or Jesus, what do you think of yourself?  Check your personal issues rather than commenting on others, you are just following someone’s script and you have no right to comment.” 

These comments went live on social media leaving many in shock and Pawan fans in anger. They decided to take an action on hero Raja in a wild way, few of Pawan fans posted that he Raja is dead and asked for all to share it. They are also added a Tag line that he is dead and May his soul rest in peace.  

These pics with Raja dead tagline turned social media sensation and three are plenty of negative and positive comments on this posts. First of all we  want to clarify all our readers that hero Raja is completely fine and it was just a social rumor that’s rounding on your walls. 

Few people objected such posts and said that this is not the real Pawanism we expected and fans should stop doing these kind of stuff and stop making Pawan kalyan cheap. 

Why did Raja comment on Pawan kalyan ? 

Hero Raja is closely connected to YSRCP and also he is supporting them publicly, as a part of promotion hero Raja took a chance to comment on Pawan and he never expected this kind of reaction from fans. Raja is recently married and here is his marriage reception gallery. 

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