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Luckiest Escape Ever: This Race Car Flip Looks Like a Movie Stunt But It's Not

At Italy's Jolly Rally Valle d'Aosta, a group of spectators lazily lapping up the wonderful race from the pavement had an unexpected, terrifying and extremely close brush with death. 

On their date with speed, the driver of a Renault Clio hurtling in their direction apparently lost control as he came around the bend, sending the car somersaulting towards the spectators. Given little reaction time, most of them froze. A few attempted to scramble out of the vehicle's way but what actually worked for them was luck, truckloads of it.

Luck was on their side, and there's no doubt about that. How else would you explain this almost unbelievable escape from the jaws of death?

Watch, and then watch again in slow motion:

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