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Watch: Kejriwal Ministers Sting Operation, demanding 25 lakhs

There seems to be no end in sight to problems over corruption allegations to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal as far his ministers are concerned. In an alleged expose, Congress on Tuesday in a press conference released sting operation videos showing a staffer of Delhi's AAP government's minister Imran Hussain demanding bribe for the MLA.

According to Congress, these videos are about conversation between AAP minister Imran Hussain's staffer Hammad and complainant Qasim, a builder. AAP Minister Imran Hussain's staffer caught demanding bribe for Hussain. This is AAP's #CorruptKejriwalGovt (sic)," Congress tweeted.

"We have video evidence of AAP Min Imran Hussain's staffer, brother & JE demanding a bribe (sic)," Congress tweeted.

"A staffer of Shri Hussain demanded Rs 25 lakh from Mr. Qasim, who was building his own house (sic)," Congress added through a tweet.

"Mr Qasim then received phone calls from Furkan Hussain, brother of Shri Imran Hussain (sic)," Congress added through a tweet.

"Qasim was then approached by the JE MCD asking for a bribe on behalf of Imran Hussain," said Ajay Maken in the press conference.

Slamming AAP government, Ajay Maken has demanded that Kejriwal's minister Hussain must resign and CBI should probe the matter. Imran Hussain is AAP MLA from Delhi's Ballimaran constituency. He is food minister in Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government.

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