You are at Video:Poonam Pandey's Style Yoga

Video:Poonam Pandey's Style Yoga

Poonam Pandey never wishes to miss an opportunity which gives her the scope to shed her inhibitions on the social media. This time she wants to make the most out of the World Yoga Day (June 21st) and hence released a video naming it Poonam Pandey Style Yoga.The video opens with Poonam Pandey saying she has heard a Baba preach 'Only Yoga could make it happen...' and she adds, 'So, Let's see what wonders can Yoga do!'.Poonam shows 'Doggy Style Asanam', 'Brest Asanam', 'Hips Don't Lie Asanam'. Her message is - Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Sexy.Yoga have a lot of health benefits. In addition, Poonam Pandey offers an eye feast. Watch it & enjoy!

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