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Parveen Dusanj: I'm identified as Kabir's younger NRI girlfriend

I've had a career before I came to India, and a successful one at that as a consultant for social change with the UK government. But here I'm only identified as Kabir's younger NRI girlfriend...I have been dismissed by society as the flavour of the moment, gold-digger etc. While it amuses me now, in the early years I was very aware of others' perception of my relationship with Kabir, and their unkind reactions, but there are so many positives I wouldn't have it any other way.

I had found my crazy, madly, deeply kinda love and I wasn't going to run away from it. That's the thing about older men, they know what they want -they've made their careers, they've seen the highs and lows, they've battled and toiled and done all that. So, if they want you in their life, it's because they really want you there.

Kabir came with a lot of baggage, but, it was his history and it had shaped him to be the man that I love and admire today. There'll always be a few bumps along the way. It's not for everyone, but if you have something special then don't waste it.

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