You are at Watch : Vangaveeti Title Song Released

Watch : Vangaveeti Title Song Released

Sensational movie maker Ram Gopal Varma who knows well to create hype, released the title logo of his upcoming directorial venture “Vangaveeti” yesterday and today he released the title song of the movie which is penned by Sirasri and composed by Susarla Rajshekar. Twitter King RGV tweeted,” Vangaveeti” title song ..written by and sung by Susarla Rajshekar ” He is planning to move Vijayawada to the further research of 'Vangaveeti' The movie is based on the biopic of Vangaveeti Radha. Already RGV has created lot of buzz by revealing the picture of actor who is going to reprise the character of Vangaveeti Radha.

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