You are at Video:Hilarious Dinosaur Prank Ever

Video:Hilarious Dinosaur Prank Ever

Hollywood actor Chris Pratt who played the lead in 'Jurassic World' and fought numerous dinosaurs had to fall for a prank. With this, He came to know nothing could beat a good, old-fashioned prank.The video opens with Chris Pratt walking in a corridor while having a chat with a woman beside him and suddenly an dinosaur appears, leaving the him almost wet his pants out of fear.Just when the actor was about to regain his composure, One more Dinosaur charges at him and this is where he was forced to take a knee.Chris Pratt took the prank very sportingly despite being a big star. His first reaction - "Oh Man. You Mother******. They look great. This is great. You got me man. You did a good job, you guys".

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