You are at KTR Anger On Secretariat Employees!

KTR Anger On Secretariat Employees!

Telengana government is now doing surprise visits to government offices. Recently, KTR made a surprise visit to Panchayat Raj block in Secretariat. It seems that he observed all the records and was surprised to know the few employees didn't come to office even when the clock crossed 10AM.

He fired on the people who came late to office and asked the officials to mark absent for all the late comers. He stated that the people who come late to office should change their timings to 10AM everyday. KTR further mentioned that strict action will be taken on the late comers if this repeats further. 

This visit from KTR shivered the late comers for few seconds. For the perfectionists, KTR's visit fetched them happiness. With this strict rules and actions, we can expect TRS government to put all the things in right direction in near future. This may further lead to the development of the state.

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