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Watch: MEENAL JAIN, First Indian girl who rides completely nude in WNBR, London

A country, where nudity, has ornamented it's temple walls, since Ancient times
Yet, in Modern India, Public Nudity, is almost equivalent, to crime.
But, today, we are introducing, an Indian girl, who dared to go all nude, to protect World's environment
And No! we are not talking about, Sunny Leone
Although, she too, had bared all, for the welfare of, MAN-kind, in some sort of way.
But, we are talking about, MEENAL JAIN, the first ever, true, Indian Nudist
She was brave enough, to ride through streets of London, completely NUDE, for World Naked Bike Ride
Where hundreds of cyclists, strip naked, to protest against, car culture and oil dependency
She dared to defy, customs and bitter restraints, of her culture and heritage
To become, the first ever, Indian women, to be part of, Melbourne's Naked Bike Ride
Not only did she, participated in the event, she was one of the organizers.
Living in London, Meenal Jain, runs an IT company
And is a naturist activist and blogger going by pen name - Lady Godiva
She also, appeared on the cover, of FCN magazine, Going Natural
A real inspirational women, for those, who want to enjoy life, in their own skin, only
While, talking of Indian girls who dared to bare all, how can we not mention first Indian Playboy girl
Yes, the sizzling hot, Indian actress, Sherlyn Chopra.
Sherlyn, is the only Indian Girl, who appeared, nude on cover of, adult magazine, Playboy

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