You are at Promo: Upendra in Open Heart with RK!!

Promo: Upendra in Open Heart with RK!!

Kannada star Upendra is the celebrity guest for this week's Open Heart with RK aired on ABN Andhrajyothi Channel. He made some very interesting comments during the course of the interview.

'For an Actor, First Stage would be 'Insult', Second Stage is 'Doubt' and Third Stage is 'Felicitation'.

'I'm not a playboy in real life'.

'What I have done is correct, what they asked is correct, everything that's happening is correct - That's my philosophy'.

'Worst Criticism - People say I'm mad, eccentric and confused'.

Upendra have a peculiar personality and what he shows in his films is a part of his real-life character. Don't miss this week's Open Heart to know more about this Senior Hero.

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