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Rajamouli Short Film: Share the Spirit of DIWALI - Vizag Needs YOU

Share the Spirit of DIWALI - Vizag Needs YOU, Please Help Vizag HudHud Relief Victims and Keep City Clean!

As everyone are contributing to the Vizag's rebuilding, Rajamouli has done something new. He shot a movie to propagate the message to help the victims who have lost everything due to the cyclone, Hudhud.  

Tollywood has give its share by lending money, adopting families etc. Rajamouli felt that sharing the thought would bring more donors to make Vizag normal. He titled the short movie as 'Share the Spirit of DIWALI- Vizag Needs YOU' This movie is in interest of people of Vizag so to create awareness to donate anything they can for the people. 

The movie is just two minutes but can make you get goose-bumps. The video primarily tells to donate money towards the CM relief fund. This inspires us to do something good to people. 

Rajamouli quoted, "A small gesture can go a long way in reducing someone's pain. Can we do something to lessen the pain of our brothers in Vizag? I've got this short video made, to show what we can do for our brothers this Diwali." So, how many of you'll are joining hands in rebuilding the grace of Vizag?

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