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Watch video: Narendra Modi walks on as Indian Anthem plays out

On his nth foreign visit, Modi reached Russia, in hopes of improving a somewhat stained relationship between the countries and to buy one or two nuclear war ships and Sukhoi air crafts. But the visit has started with an embarrassing moment for the Prime Minister.

As the PM starts walking in the cold Russian night, the band starts to play Indian national anthem. Modi walks on, and a Russian official save the day, who stopped Modi and brought him back as according to protocol a head of state should stand in attention during the national anthem.

The video suggests that it was a moment of confusion on Modi's part. Because in the video an official is seen prompting the PM to walk ahead. But it is not clear whether the official meant the band to start or the PM.

This is not the first time Modi PM has been embarassed by mix-ups. During his Japan visit he was seen meeting Shinzo Abe beside an Indian flag which was upside down. Modi's gift to US president, Barack Obama, had also created controversy where he presented the US counterpart a signed national flag. And in an unforgettable incident, recently a family was thrown out of a Movie theater for not standing up during national anthem. So it is not astonishing if he became a victim of a few harmless jokes.

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