You are at Sania Mirza Dubsmash Video!!

Sania Mirza Dubsmash Video!!

Like all our film celebrities and few TV stars, even sports starlet Sania Mirza too debuted on Dubsmash. She dubbed her acting stint to a Hyderabadi accented Hindi track and shared via social network.A prominent newspaper that is writing reviews about the Dubsmash videos of all these stars has criticized that Sania Mirza's video is the worst dubsmash video. Irritated by this criticism, Sania gave a retort, by sharing another worst dubsmash video of her. “A paper said I had 'the worst dubsmash ever' so I thought I'd give them something more to write and sell their paper”, she added.This is something other celebs won't be doing, because Dubsmash is for fun and no one really cares about it.

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