You are at Video: Ramya Krishna's First Dialogue

Video: Ramya Krishna's First Dialogue

A new promo of 'Baahubali' where Ramya Krishna who takes centrestage as Raja Matha 'Sivagami' has been released Today.The one-liner of Ramya Krishna 'Eella Thirugubaatutho, Mahishmathiki Makili Pattindhi - Raktamtho Kadigey' in this movie will bring the much needed momentum to the proceedings. Prabhas who plays the lead in 'Baahubali' is expected to revolt against Ballaladeva & Co. from there onwards.Who wouldn't love the high-octane action sequences which will keep everyone on the edge of their seats? 'Baahubali' have them in plenty...Grab the tickets & have a blast!

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