You are at Trailer:Nayantara's horror flick Maya

Trailer:Nayantara's horror flick Maya

For the first time in her career, Nayantara has attempted a Horror Subject and the theatrical trailer of the movie has been unveiled Today.The story is based on the existence of ghosts in a place which used to be mental asylum 30 years ago. What makes it horrifying is the fact that it is located in the forest called Mayavanam which is 13 kilometres away from the city limits.Nayantara plays the role of Maya Mathews. Presence of spirits in her house makes the young lady go in search of answers. Has Nayan found what she wanted? Is she the ghost in the movie? Don't miss 'Maya' to know if the mystery was chased or not!.Irrespective of the Box Office outcomes, 'Maya' is going to remain as one of its kind film in Nayantara's career.

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