You are at Watch: Shankar 'I' Movie Making

Watch: Shankar 'I' Movie Making

Making video of Shankar-Vikram's magnum opus 'I' has been unveiled Today. Upon watching this footage, the respect towards Shankar and Vikram only grows because of the efforts they had put in to deliver a celluloid wonder.

The video opens with Shankar explaining why he had to choose a title like 'I'. Shankar reveals Vikam's bodybuilder role and disfigured man character were very crucial for the movie. He says screenplay of 'I' is a very challenging task.

About 25% of 'I' has been shot in China where the climate is just unpredictable. Hence, We could find several beautiful locations in the movie.'I' have a high-end VFX. Especially, The bike which Vikram drives getting converted into a gorgeous beauty is simply mind blowing.

AR Rahman has tried something completely different for 'I'. He feels composing for the beast song is a unique experience and even a modeling number is gonna be special attraction.Vikram is all praise for Shankar who according to him is a genius. His physical transformations are gonna bring him lot of accolades. 'I' is such a special film and its gonna make Indians proud!

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