You are at Teaser : Dil Unna Raju Premalo Paddadu

Teaser : Dil Unna Raju Premalo Paddadu

Crazy titles are the ones that are always found in Telugu cinema industry. Here we see someone coming up with the movie "Dil Raju Premalo Paddaddu". Undoubtedly this is a direct reference to ace producer Dil Raju, whose name is popular in every nook and corner of Telugu states. Apparently this film title finally got changed to a new name, where the makers showed much of their creating talent. A Telugu word "Unna" is added between the name of Dil Raju, making it 'Dil Unna Raju'. And now the title reads, "Dil Unna Raju Premalo Paddadu".
To convey their correction like creation, they have released a teaser with this new title.

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