You are at Guppedantha Prema Movie Release Trailer

Guppedantha Prema Movie Release Trailer

The feature film Guppedantha Prema is a beautiful feel good & heart touching love story that lives in one's thoughts for real good time. The film deals with the purest feelings of first love and its course as time passes by.

Guppedantha Prema is Written and Directed by Vinod Lingala. Starring Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh , Aishwarya , Anand, Noel Sean, Naveen Neni, Shraddhha Pancholie, Pratheek, Abhilash. Produced by Eye Wink Productions.

Guppedantha Prema which was a beautiful love story
Director : Vinod Lingala
Producer : Eye Wink Productions
Music : Navaneeth Sundar
Cast : Sai Ronak,Adithi Singh,Ishwarya K ,
Naveen ,Noyel and Others

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