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Watch Funny Video: 'Pokemon' Disturbs Live Telecast

'Pokemon Go', the mobile application, has become a rage across the World. There were news reports of Players crossing the country's borders and crashing into trees while attempting to nab the ghost, 'Jambi'.

Recently, A Florida-based Anchor walked right through when the TV Weather Report is being presented. She looked completely unaware of what's happening around and where she has been. The Guy reporting the Weather Forecast had an awkward smile on his face witnessing such unusual developments.

He even went on to comment that the News Channel office has become 'Pokemon Gym'. A news report says Two Americans have crossed the Canada border while playing 'Pokemon Go'. Cops have taken them into custody immediately.

'Pokemon Go' is unlike other Mobile App. Its a virtual reality game which seeks geographical information of the player. This seems to be a dangerous trend and people were afraid if this would lead to some disaster.

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