You are at Video : Chiranjeevi Pawan Kalyan's REAL characters...

Video : Chiranjeevi Pawan Kalyan's REAL characters exposed

Naga Babu opened up on his relationship with Pawan Kalyan and how his two brothers are polls apart in terms of their approach.

How's your relationship with Pawan Kalyan?: "There is a lot of age gap between Me and Kalyan Babu. I used to tease him a lot. He is more of a philosopher. Both Me and Kalyan Babu are very close. Whenever we meet, Its going to be lot of fun. But, Since the past 1 year we haven't been able to meet quite often because of busy schedules. I have a good rapport with both Kalyan Babu and Annayya."

"Kalyan Babu has got a great character. Very Knowledgable and Good Human Being. People like him are very rare and I haven't seen anyone like him till date! People feel Kalyan helped me financial when I was in trouble. But, More than that he change my thought process. He used to give me lot of good books and my outlook towards world changed with that!".

Kalyan Vs Chiru: "Both Kalyan and Annayya are two different people. Kalyan Babu has got a broad vision or outlook. When it comes to Annayya, he thinks about himself, his family and the people who were dependent on him. They have different perspective - While Annayya feels 'I should love my family to love the world', Kalyan feels 'We need to treat the World as our family'. So, I don't want to judge what is right and what is wrong." 

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