You are at BVS Ravi once again booked drunk driving

BVS Ravi once again booked drunk driving

Wanted director BVS Ravi and Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma are caught drunk in a 'drunk and drive' drive conducted at Venkatagiri Chaurastha on Friday night. Jubilee Hills Police stopped their car and performed the test on BVS Ravi who is in the driver's seat. His alcohol levels in the blood are found to be more than the permissible levels. 

Ram Gopal Varma who is seated next to the driver's seat is also founded to be drunk. So the police have confiscated the vehicle and booked a case on BVS Ravi. Earlier Ravi tried to say something and get away with the test but the Police did not budge. The entire drive was shot on camera. This is the second time BVS Ravi getting booked in drunk and drive case.

Charges on drunken driving under Section 185A (Motors Vehicle Act) were levied on Ravi.  He will have to appear for a counseling session at Traffic Training Institute on Monday, following which he has to appear at the IV Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Somajiguda, on Tuesday for a hearing in the case. The court will then decide the penalty.

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