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Nokia Lumia 735 Review, Rating

Selfies are a really, really big thing. Walk around any major city or tourist attraction and you’ll see loads of people holding their smartphones at arm’s length to get themselves into a front-facing-camera photo, or attaching them to a pole to get the most epic wide angle shot.

The problem with selfies is that the front facing cameras on many phones suck. A two megapixel sensor with awful low light performance and weak optics is a hardware combination that just won't deliver. Some manufacturers have noticed this, promising to deliver significantly better sensors to facilitate higher quality selfies that we all love to take.

And so the Nokia Lumia 735 was born. Under the command of Microsoft, the company’s devices team has produced a mid-range handset dubbed the “selfie phone”, complete with a higher resolution and better quality five megapixel front facing camera. Although the 735’s standout feature is the selfie cam, it also packs other things we’ve come to love from Lumias.


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