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Facebook Beats Google!

Google finally bowed before Facebook!

The fight between Google and Facebook is turning too severe in the present times. Soon after Facebook entered the arena, Google's Orkut performance got degraded. Finally, it got closed recently and Google accepted the defeat due to lack of innovative concept in Orkut. Now, another segment of Google bowed before Facebook.

This one is nothing but the most viewed videos site, Youtube. This portal got destroyed before Facebook in the aspect of videos sharing. It seems that Facebook recently crossed Youtube in this battle and is presently holding the No.1 position.

In Alexa ranking, Google is on the top while Facebook is in the second position. Minute difference is seen between the popularity of these 2 giants. In future, Google too may get crushed in the arms of Facebook. Interestingly, majority of the business for this US based company is happening in Asian countries.

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