You are at Facebook internally working on Facebook at Work

Facebook internally working on Facebook at Work

Facebook is said to be working on "Facebook at Work", a new workplace specific experience for users of the popular social network.

According to the Financial Times, Facebook at Work will have similar features as the normal social network that includes news feed, messaging and groups. Additionally, it will have separate work profiles, privacy settings and document sharing in order to enable collaboration in work places.

Facebook is currently working on reducing promotional content in news feeds for regular users but the current pilot program of Facebook at Work in London is completely free from advertising. Of course, this could change once the product rolls out as advertising is the key source of revenue for Facebook.

Most internet companies have their cloud-based collaboration platforms such as Microsoft's Yammer and Google Apps for Work, however, Facebook's entry in this field could turn out to be a game changer just as the original social network, due to its massive reach.

Source: Financial Times

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