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iOuch: Apple Owner Drops His Brand New iPhone 6 on Live TV

This could easily be the worst thing to happen to any owner of an iPhone, new or otherwise. Jack Cooksey, apparently the first man to walk out of the Apple store in Perth with a brand new iPhone 6, DROPPED his prized possession on the ground. 

In this caught-on-camera moment, Jack can be seen talking to a reporter while unwrapping his sparkling new phone. As the camera captures every second of the unboxing, an excited Jack is eager to show off his brand new purchase. But it's hard to miss his quivering fingers. 

And just as the reporter says "we're doing the reveal" - out slides the brand new iPhone 6 and lands on the floor. OUCH! 

While the crowd waiting in line gasps together, poor Jack kneels to pick his phone up off the ground. There are just no words to describe his face. He seems shattered (pun not intended) even as he tries to muster a weak smile. The reporter, on the other hand, seems to be speechless. 

The only saving grace about this incident is that the phone manages to pass the drop-test with flying colours. 

Take a look at the video below. iPhone fan or not, this is something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. We're sure you will feel as bad for the poor fella as we do. And please keep this incident in mind while handling delicates.

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