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Microsoft Office Apps for Android phones are now available!!

There is no denying that Android is the world's most popular mobile phone operating system with Google saying last year that on any given thirty-day rolling period there are more than a billion users of the OS. So when you are working to get your mobile productivity software into the hands of a billion users, you can't ignore the OS.

The Office apps, which are now available to everyone as they are no longer in preview, will replace the current Office Mobile hub for Android and offer the same touch-optimized Office experience currently available for Android tablets but for a smaller screen.

Bringing Microsoft's latest iteration of Office to the Android platform is a strategic move for the company. While they would love if every user bought a phone running Windows, as the market has shown, that is not happening at a fast enough rate for the Redmond-based company.

So, the next best thing is to make sure Office, one of the company's largest revenue drivers, is available wherever the consumer is, which means Office on Android devices is a must.

You can download the apps now, as long as you have a phone running Android 4.4 and above, from the Google Play store links below.

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