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A self-learning launcher app to enhance your smartphone experience

Yahoo!'s home launcher app, Yahoo! Aviate

From being a device that you ‘want’, a smartphone has now become a device that you ‘need’ to make life easier. Begining from the moment you wake up, till the time you get back to bed at night, the smartphone stays by your side. Even when it is on standby mode, the smartphone is constantly processing reminders, alarms, mails and messages. Practically, most of us are almost entirely dependant on our smartphones, leaving us befuddled if the phone goes out of sight for even a moment.

To make the smartphone's usage simpler, a number of self-learning apps and home launchers, such as Yahoo! Aviate, Nokia Z launcher and a few others, are available. These apps help keep track of the usage pattern of a smartphone user, and accordingly moves the most used apps to the front/top list, enhancing the productivity and device user experience.

Yahoo! Aviate, from Yahoo!, was used over a period of time to trace the usage pattern of individuals around the world. The data from users, of different age groups, were tracked to prepare an infographic, whichshows how an Android user interacts with the smartphones.

According to the statistics, users had an average of 95 applications installed on their devices, which includes system and the third party apps. Whereas, an individual uses an average of 35 apps throughout the day.

The infographic shows how a specific app usage changes dramatically throughout the day; as the day proceeds, and the kind of apps an individual uses. For example, utility apps such as the clock, peak at night and at early morning, when an individual sets and switches off their alarm apps. Calendar apps are mostly used in the morning and afternoon, to plan out the rest of the day. Usage of productivity and media apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Instagram, rises throughout the day. The usage peaks high post-working hours (morning 9AM to 7PM in the evening being considered as working hours). While, the phone and SMS apps are most used during the work hours, transportation apps like Google Maps are mostly used at the end of the day, when people are use it on their way back home.

This statistics neatly defines the behavioural pattern of an average smartphone user. And with the understanding of the same, Yahoo! Aviate, a home launcher for Android devices, rearranges the apps by giving preference to the ones most used by a user. This smart app makes a user’s experience with a device a whole lot faster and simpler. most used apps are brought to the front of the list, making you use the device faster, rather than hunting them time and again on the app list and drawer.  

Video Courtesy: Yahoo, YouTube

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