You are at Battery offers 30-second phone charging full!

Battery offers 30-second phone charging full!

A new charger that can fully charge a smartphone in 30 seconds will be available in under three years costing $30, according to StoreDot an Israeli university spin off.

A prototype of the charger was shown off at Microsoft’s Think Next conference in Tel Aviv, where it completely recharged a Samsung Galaxy smartphone in around 30 seconds using a charger the size of a laptop power supply.

The charger was developed from technology from the Nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv university. It uses StoreDot’s patented organic compounds, called “Nanodots”, instead of the standard lithium-based chemicals used in current battery technology, to store energy rapidly in a compact form.

StoreDot plans to make chargers compatible with a range of smartphones and other electronic devices like tablets and laptops. It has already received $6m of venture capital funding for the work, which it says originally grew out of research into Alzheimer's disease a decade ago that discovered "nano-structures" associated with it. Further research led to the new technology.

The prototype charger is about the size of a standard laptop power supply, but StoreDot expects its dedicated engineering team to be able to shrink the technology to a more manageable size.

StoreDot plans to enter production of the 30 second charger by late 2016 with an estimated cost of $30 or roughly twice the price of a standard USB smartphone charger today.


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