You are at Apple fans queue up before iPhone 6 launch

Apple fans queue up before iPhone 6 launch

It is the Apple of many a gearhead's eye, but people are going to extraordinary lengths to snag the latest iPhone in ... where else? the Big Apple.

Some 10 days before its purported release, a queue began to be formed in the city that never sleeps to grab the first retail sale of iPhone 6, report different media.

They say that half dozen loyalists, publicists, rent-a-place professional que-bodies have already lined up in front of the Apple store, attracting the attention of TV crews, tourists, and tech-troopers too busy to line up but awaiting first look at the gizmo.

However, Apple has only announced it will be hosting a "special event" on September 9 without specifying details, but the general assumption is it will be releasing the next-generation iPhone 6, and possibly one or two other gadgets and apps, including iWatch and iWallet. The Apple website features a countdown to the date with a teaser that reads, "Wish We Could Say More."

Even if Apple were to release iPhone 6 on Tuesday, it will be at least a week more before the gadget becomes available in retail stores.

The Mirror says that shares in Apple have taken a battering after the celebrity photo hacking scandal which comes just days before the launch of its new iPhone.

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