You are at Apple Working on battery replacement for iPhone 5,...

Apple Working on battery replacement for iPhone 5,5S Models from 29 August

Apple has initiated a battery replacement program and promises a free replacement with new batteries for all iPhone 5 models manufactured between September 2012 and January 2013 and fall within a limited serial number range.

The company claims that a very small percentage of iPhone 5 devices experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently.  If your iPhone 5 is experiencing these symptoms and meets the eligibility requirements, Apple will replace your iPhone 5 battery for free. If your handset has any damage such as a cracked screen, which impairs the replacement of the battery, you need to resolve this prior to battery replacement. 

To find out if your iPhone 5 is eligible to get a new battery: Click here

Get your iPhone's serial number ready for validation. To do this, tap Settings > General > About to view your serial number.

To prepare your iPhone 5 for the battery replacement process, please follow the steps below:

  •   Back up your data to iTunes or iCloud.
  •   Turn off Find my iPhone.
  •   Erase data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.

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