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Twitter Considering Moving 140 to 10,000 Character Limit


Twitter is considering a new feature that would redesign its 140 character cutoff to a more vigorous 10,000.

Right from the start, Twitter's most special feature was its most disappointing: A 140 character cutoff for every open post. But, apparently that is something Twitter itself is considering evolving. Following news that the online networking giant saw little development in 2015, different sources inside of the organization guaranteed the Twitter will soon move beyond 140 limit. The final count isn't clear, however reports recommend it may keep running as high as 10,000 characters.

A 10,000 character farthest point – 71 times higher than what Twitter at present offers – would permit singular tweets to be about 2,000 words in length. This is currently Twitter imposes on Direct Messages, so extending that to public posts shouldn't be too difficult.

Right now, composing tweets beyond 140 characters requires third party servers like Twitlonger, which show the posts acquaintance with a connection with the full-length post. Twitter has yet to comment publicly on these claims , yet even early reports recommend the component is still under consideration. All things considered, we'll have an answer soon, with sources asserting the element will be presented before the end of 2016.

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