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Microsoft finally turns on shared folder sync for OneDrive!!

It took a while, folks, but one of the most requested of features for the OneDrive cloud sharing platform is here. The ability to sync shared folders. Microsoft has finally confirmed it.

The UserVoice page for this request, for instance, has 5,945 votes at the time of this writing.

Stands to reason that the software titan announced the availability of this feature on this UserVoice page for the service, confirming that functionality is starting to roll out today — though it will take a bit of a time for it to show up on accounts.

This is an important feature for those that use OneDrive for collaboration, as it makes sharing folders for projects more streamlined, and users do not have to manually cross copy shared documents.

Jason More of Microsoft described how this feature works:

“How does it work? We have a new action on OneDrive, called “Add to my OneDrive.” Whenever you are using OneDrive on the web, or through the mobile app, you'll see this when you are browsing content that others have shared with you. Clicking “Add to my OneDrive” will add that folder to your OneDrive. From then on, whenever you browse your OneDrive, you'll be able to see any of the shared folders you've added. And on the sync client, when you select what folders to sync, you'll see all the shared folders you've added. Select the shared folder(s) you want and they'll immediately begin syncing to your PC or Mac.”

Redmond also confirmed that this feature will work on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista as well as Mac OS X — meaning, those that are running Windows 8.1 will be required to upgrade to Windows 10 to access shared folder sync on OneDrive.

Stands to reason, again.

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