You are at WhatsApp Plus Or WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus Or WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus is not an official application, but is a tweaked version of the original

If you have been using a smartphone, then WhatsApp is not new to you. WhatsApp, the free chat and social networking app has been around for a few years, serving millions of messages every hour. The social app has a great set of features, which include live text chats, sending voice, pictures and videos, group chatting and more.

However, a developer has taken this app and unofficially tweaked the program with some additional features. He has named it WhatsApp Plus. Unlike the original app, WhatsApp Plus includes a little more than what WhatsApp has officially given us.

WhatsApp Plus features a blue icon (WhatsApp is green), offers colour schemes and themes, colour options for chat heads, and a few other options to tweak ones profile.

WhatsApp Plus, unlike the official WhatsApp, also offers to tweak the last seen notification. Presently, you can only hide the last seen notification when using the official WhatsApp app, and if you hide your status, you cannot see the opposite person’s status either.

WhatsApp Plus has not been acknowledged by its developers at Facebook. There is no official announcement as yet if WhatsApp will include the cool features of WhatsApp Plus or will it accept the developer tweaked WhatsApp Plus to create a newer version.

However, WhatsApp Plus is presently not legally distributed by Google and you cannot find it on the Google Play. The only way you can find it is by googling the app name and downloading it from various other websites.

Do note: Installing apps other than from Google Play is considered a threat. The app could play havoc in your smartphone, could be a malware, or could be a backdoor data grabbing application. Your data could be leaked out too. WhatsApp Plus is not an official release from the developer and has not been approved by Google Play or Facebook developers. Install WhatsApp Plus at your own risk.

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