You are at Coming Soon: World's Most Powerful Phone !!

Coming Soon: World's Most Powerful Phone !!

Monolith Chaconne
Recently Apple Launched its new series, where it has all same features expects one or two unique specifications. But now Monolith Chaconne is trying to beat all the phones of high end model.
Monolith Chaconne
It is going to come soon, it will be called as world's most powerful phone with all its specifications will surely keep your jaws drop after knowing the special features of this phone which has been taken up by Robotics Industries(TRI) which will be going to launch in 2018.
Monolith Chaconne
But sadly it's not Android but turning own with Swordfish OS with artificial intelligence features (AI). The specification of this world class powerful phone is mentioned below for your reference:

  • This device storage is 1.2TB

  • 18GB RAM

  • 6.4 Inches and 4k display

  • 60 MP camera with 20 MP rare

  • It has snapdragon processor of 830

  • Powered by 120wh battery

  • 2160×3840 pixel resolution

  • IMAX 6K recording

  • 100Wh battery with grapheme and hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Biometric voice locking along with 'Voice On' technology

  • 4 SIMS and 2 SD card facility

Now we can surely understand all the gadget lovers are eagerly waiting for this high end powerful phone, but you should wait still 2018 to get this device to your hand.

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