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India All Set To Play 500th Test In Kanpur

India will be playing 500th Test Match against New Zealand at Green Park in Kanpur on September 22nd, 2016. Take a look at where the landmark Tests have been played...

1st Test: India Vs England at Lord's, 1932

100th Test: India Vs England at Edgbaston, 1967

200th Test: India Vs Pakistan at Lahore, 1982

300th Test: India Vs South Africa at Ahmedabad, 1996

400th Test: India Vs West Indies at Kingston, 2006

India's Performance in Test Matches:

1-100: Won 10, Lost 40, Drawn 50, Win percentage 10.00

101-200: Won 25, Lost 32, Drawn 43, Win percentage 25.00

201-300: Won 21, Lost 26, Drawn 52, Tied 1, Win percentage 21.00

301-400: Won 32, Lost 31, Drawn 37, Win percentage 32.00

401-499: Won 41, Lost 28, Drawn 30, Win percentage 41.41

Final Total: Played 499, Won 129, Lost 157, Drawn 212, Tied 1, Win percentage 25.85

World Records created by Indians:

Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for Most Tests (200), Most runs in Test cricket (15,921) and Most Test Hundreds (51).

Rahul Dravid hold the record for Most Catches (210) and Hundreds in All Test playing Nations.

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