You are at Kohli Hit by Bouncer, Bowler Turns Nervous

Kohli Hit by Bouncer, Bowler Turns Nervous

Australian cricketers still seem to be stuck with the trauma caused due to sudden death of fellow player Phillip Hughes in the cricket field last month. The emotional toll that Phillip Hughes' death has taken on the Australian cricketers was all too evident on Thursday when Indian skipper Virat Kohli was hit by a Mitchell Johnson bouncer in Adelaide. 

Soon after Virat was hit by bouncer on the badge of his helmet, he took off his gear for a moment. Visibly moved bowler Johnson immediately rushing to check on Kohli's well-being and other teammates of Australia too came near Kohli too see if he's alright. Perhaps it was the trauma of Hughes' death that had a nervous-looking on team Australia. Even the umpires walked up to Kohli to check on him.

There has been a debate on the usage of bouncers in international cricket ever since Hughes' tragic demise. But most former players and experts believe that the delivery should continue with a renewed focus on providing better safety gear for batsmen.

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