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ICC Rules Out Changes To ODI Rules Before World Cup!!

ICC modifies ODI Rules: Bowlers celebrate!

International Cricket Council (ICC) have approved changes to the current ODI format and the new set of rules will come into effect from July 5th this year.

1) Posting catching fielders within the 30 yards circle in the first 10 Overs has been dropped.

2) All No-Ball, not just 'Foot Faults', to become Free Hits.

3) Batting Powerplay (5 Overs - between 15 to 40 Overs) has been scrapped.

4) To strike a balance between bat & ball, Only 5 fielders could be placed outside the 30 yards circle between 41-50 Overs.

Most of these rules favour Bowlers and ICC is very particular about it after scores over 300 were registered in most of the innings in the recent past.

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